Accept cancel

Interactive installation
107 x 140 x 36 cm
Wood, two computer mice, two neon lamps, computer, speakers

The work consists of a wooden construction with a ball and two computer mice. Two persons pass the ball to each other, it moves in a linear pattern inside the construction and clicks the computer mice with its passing. The mice are connected to a computer and a sound is played when they are clicked. When a person pushes the ball the first sound that is heard is : cancel. When the ball comes to the other side the sound is played: accept. When the other person pushes the ball from their side the same pattern is heard. The sounds are mantrically repeated as the persons pass the ball to each other. On the computer screen animations of pressing the button accept and cancel are triggered as well. The idea for the work came from thinking about the basics of communication, exchange. Deriving it to the simplest action of accepting and releasing a ball. It's an attempt in creating an exercise machine for accepting and rejecting in general. The work is also inspired by the virtual world where we constantly accept and reject things, pictures, people, life styles, privacy...where it has become an almost automatic action.