Sculptures in public space

Fish market fountain
This is a proposal for a drinking fountain in Jelsa, island Hvar, Croatia. The project was about restoring drinking fountains that are not in use anymore, but were built on places where people took water from a long time ago.
The place for this fountain was a fish market, it represent a head of a fish. People would come and push the eye of the fish, and the water would start pouring fro the top part of the mouth. Also the eyes would be made of glass and would shine at night.


In 2006 I took part in a sculpture workshop on the island Hvar, Croatia.
The place where the sculptures were mounted was once inhabited by ancient Greeks.
My sculpture tells the tale of Icarus, from the Greek mythology.
The three pillars are holding a golden hexagon circle which represents the sun.
The spiraling pillar in the center is a climbing post for people who want to try and climb it to touch the sun circle. If you climb to high, you can fall.
Dalmatian black pine
dimensions 4 x 3 x 3 m

workshop documentary-

This sculpture is entitled Movement.
I made it in 2007, during a workshop in Bjelovar, Croatia.
Splitting the tree into four equal parts vertically, then placing them together with 30 cm difference in height.

Dimensions 400 x 70 x 70 cm

The Black Peter was made in 2005.
Island Hvar, Croatia
I made this work specifically for this site, which is called the Black Peter.
I wanted to create a structure that resembled a man sitting and at the same time an outline of a church.
The head is a purple crystal glass form.It represents the universe.
Dalmatian black pine
dimensions 400 x 370 x 60 cm

workshop documentary -

Space between

Public sculpture

oak, car paint, cca 720cm x 110cm x 90cm

Trails of light,  Bjelovar, Croatia

In 2005 I participated in a sculpture workshop with the theme; space between. An oak tree was cut in two parts and placed vertically 30 cm part. Red paint was used because, the surface of this 7m tree trunk reminded me of muscles and the anatomy. The work sets the relation between wood and flesh.
The split tree reminds of the split that sometimes resides in us  and which is reflected through our actions on the environment.

documentary movies by me