Interactivity as a medium

Chronologically, through the explanations of selected works I will present the progress of my thought process and work from the beginning of my MA study at the New media ( 2011-2014).
Works – ideas that form a whole inside which I wanted to express segments of my thinking that preoccupy me for a few years now: the influence of my way of thinking on my reality;  relation between the conscious and the unconscious,the  collective and the personal;  influence of my life conditions and collective conditions on me, and my influence on them.

Conditions, circumstances

At the beginning of my study I got an assignment “not to form”, not to make sculpture, as to create a distance from my practice so far.

I found myself in new surroundings and I wanted to take a new approach to communication.
Thinking of how I could approach this assignment, I devised the following experiment;
The work consists of a glass container filled with tomato concentrate, and a row of toast with a few drops of water. Over a period of one month I documented the process inside these two “systems” .
This experiment made me think about circumstances- conditions in general.
The question that  followed  was: am I like this tomato sauce? What is my container, what are my conditions – circumstances? How can I, using art as a tool, influence my mind, surroundings,  and create conditions for communication and change?
Conditions that we are in- form us, they shape our unconscious.
The exploration continued by analyzing my life – space, my room. A a symbolic start, I cleaned my room with paper napkins.

Life game
light box 100 x 70 x 10 cm

My first experiment led me to explore my circumstances - conditions. What i interact with the most.

The first part of this work was documenting of my life habitat. The contents of my room, things I posses, clothes, transportation devices, personal documents, money, food.. that which I mostly use and consume.
The goal of this process was to become more conscious of my conditions. What all these objects and habits mean to me , what is their purpose.
After I made this life-archive, using photoshop I put them all on a white background.
All these little “ icons” reminded me of a computer interface.
I decided  to create a computer game interface from the documented material. The goal was to to digest and reconstruct what I have consumed. To try to reprogramme my life, my unconscious. I see allot of analogies between life and a computer game. Classes, skills, quests, items.. rules that we have to learn and abide by to survive, a game that was created by others for us, a game we are born into.
What interests me here the idea of using art as a tool or a programming language for the self.  A repropriation of the virtual product that is sold to us, a way of thinking.. which inserts itself from use and habbit.


documentation: installation, video, performance

Through exploration of my circumstances- conditions I started exploring my habits. Behaviour that I repeat and which shapes me through time. Circumstances that we live in shape our habits,  and vice versa.
To change a habit one must endure the change for two months for it to take hold.
I decided I would change my following habits for a month: sleep biorhythm- going to bed early, food- vegan food, training, meditation, stop smoking,  visiting social networks- stop activity for a month, playing guitar- playing every day.
Every day I documented what I did from  the assignment. Just a little change in one part of life brings about change in the whole.
That what we give attention to, grows.
Can we by changing our  habits change the system that we live in, that we are "addicted" to?

Evolving archive methodical medium

digital print 210 x 120 cm

With this work I wanted to systematize the progress of my work, and create a methodology of thinking and communication with myself and other people.
The work is a pdf and jpg file, a documentary archive language that i constantly ad too.
Inside this body structure- system I tried to position my works so far, and to direct the future ones.With this kind of overview I have an insight in to what body parts and in what way participate in interaction..
During my study of sculpture I developed a creative process which began by setting up certain parameters of the process of building inside which I allowed myself an open and free exploration.This works is also a continuationof  the exploration set by "Life game".


Through the following works I started exploring interactivity and perception.They deconstruct everyday perception and movement in space.

Optics 1

Mirrors, spy looking glass, wax, acrystal

Interactive sculpture which one looks through and tries to orient oneself in space.  A constructed system of mirrors gives the left and right eye a possibility to see different reflections of the surrounding world.
The right eye looks into a little box made of mirrors with only one small hole directly in front of the eye. The light enters through this hole and is multiplied through mirror reflection.
The left eye looks into a box which is open on one side, and perceives the room at an angle and fractures the view into fragments.

Optics 2

Mirrors, spy looking glass, duct tape, acrystal, bike flash lights, 2 balls

Interactive sculpture-apparatus which a person looks into, and with the movement of the body moves the little balls inside in a circular motion. The balls are different sizes. The two boxes where the balls reside , are made of mirrors , what creates an infinity reflection. The light source of light for the left box is from the top, the bike flashing light shines with a red light. The intensity of the flashes can be adjusted by pressing a little button several times. On the right side the light source is on the bottom, and the light can be adjusted independently from the left side.

Optics 3, focus

mirrors, duct tape, sound amplifier

The work consists of 4 mirrors of trapezoid shape which form a truncated pyramid, and the mirrors reside inside the pyramid. There is also a sound amplification device with head phones mounted on the outside of the work. A person put the headphones on and inserts their face into the work. On the inside the person sees their portrait from all directions, and looks out into the space through the smaller opening of the truncated pyramid. The sound amplification device creates a strange feeling of the environment as the person walks around the space while “wearing” the work.

Sculptures for communication

Sculpture for communication 1
The work was made through a process of dipping hands into melted beeswax, then into cold water. The process was repeated until the layer of wax created a wax glove on the hands. In the end, the four gloves were connected into one form which was cast in bronze.
The concept of the work: Two persons, standing one in front of the other, can put their hands into the sculpture. In this way they are connected through the sculpture which is a mediator between them.



Two persons insert their hands in the sculpture. The person form one side puts their right hand in and the other person puts their left. They come in contact in only one place.



Interactive installation

The work consists of two cameras and two projectors. Two persons stand inside marked places on the floor beside two walls in a 90 degree corner. When the persons turn their heads to look at each other, they notice that the face of one person is being projected on the face of the other person, and vice versa.
The starting thought for this work were projections and reflections that occur in communication. Cooperation between  two people is needed ( because of difference in height) for them to find the place where their faces reflect on each other.



Interactive sculpture

Voice changer, motorcycle helmet, switch, reflective foil, stethoscope, wax, acrystal

The work consists of a motorcycle helmet with a voice changer and a stethoscope. The helmet should be totally reflective from the outside, like a mirror, reflecting ( or absorbing) the identity( image) of the surroundings.
The person that wears the helmet looses a part of their identity- their face is hidden and voice changed, taking on the identity of the surroundings.
The motorcycle helmet evokes the association of a race. A relation is made with todays way of life, with the race for survival and success, the socially conditioned criteria of identity that is desirable to embody.
The person that wears the helmet is instructed to look in the mirror and to listen to their heart beat. Looking in the mirror the person sees what is between 2 mirrors (reflective helmet visor and the mirror) whilst listening to their heart beat.
They don’t see themselves but a limitless reflection.




A modified polygraph. the person comes into a little room , connects to the machine and asks their self a question. The answer comes on the display; yes or no.


apparatus, reflector

The apparatus is attached to the stomach. There are two belts, one holds the apparatus to the stomach and the other controls the light output of the reflector, onto which the machine is connected.
When the person breathes with the lower part of the lungs, with the belly, during inhalation the light from the reflector shines more brightly, and with the exhalation the light diminishes.

Accept let go

Wood, two computer mice, ball

The work consists of a wooden construction- parallelepiped inside which there is a ball and two computer mice.
As persons pass the ball to each other, it moves  in a linear pattern inside the construction and clicks the mice with its passing. The mice are connected to a laptop and a sound is played  when they are clicked. When a person pushes the ball the first sound that is heard is : I let go, when the ball comes to the other side the sound is played: I accept. When the other person pushes the ball from their side the same pattern is heard.
The sounds are mantrically repeated as the persons pass the ball to each other.




plexiglass, wood, mirrors, LED, springs 

This work is an interactive sculpture that consists of a cubic box corridor from Plexiglas which, at its ends has a wooden construction with mirrors, LED lamps and grips for the hands. The box resides on a wooden pedestal and functions like a seesaw. It is filled one fifth of volume with water.
Two persons grip on each side of the work with one hand and by lifting and lowering the endings of the corridor they send waves to each other. When one person lifts their side the LED lamps on that side go out and the lights on the other side go on, and vice versa. The distance between persons is
100 cm.
The wooden construction contains mirrors that reflect the light.
There are theories that water has memory and that it responds to sounds, images and thoughts.


Sculpture for hugging

The work consists of a wooden construction – mechanism, which functions in a way that when a person hugs it and applies pressure to it with its hands and body the sculpture hugs them back and starts vibrating.

Communication with sound of the body


The work consists of four electronic stethoscopes which are linked to the speakers .
The field of exploration here is nonverbal communication, that is, communication with body sounds, primarily with the heart.
I am interested in the sensation of hearing your own heartbeat in a room. And what would happen if four hearts were beating at the same time?



The sculpture functions in a way that a person stands and leans on it with their back. By pulling a leaver the person falls backwards in a free fall. The mechanism stops the fall slowly at thirty degrees from the floor . The person is returned back to the starting position with hydraulics.



The work is a room of dodecahedral shape dimensions cca 180 x 180 x180 cm. It consists of twelve pentagonal surfaces. The surfaces are mirrors from one side and wood from the other, so that the room is wooden from the outside and mirrors from the inside. There is a metal construction that holds the surfaces together. The construction can be dismantled. The person enters the room by opening one of the pentagonal surfaces. When the person enters the room they sit down and connect them selves to an apparatus for breathing( which I explained earlier).The breathing of the person controls the light source in the room , which is led lamps at the corners of the dodecahedron .  I am interested in what a person would see and feel inside a room like this.


“ Interactivity as a medium produces meaning”
With the for mentioned works I want to create circumstances – conditions.
Through participation and interaction I want to create new perceptions.
These works are first experiments. I wanted to start from the most simple mechanisms.
Sometimes they produce unexpected results.
The ideas for the works came from everyday life.
The production is low tech.