Fear and Wonder



Dimensions: 220 x 200 x 60 cm

bees wax, acrystal, see shells, wood, Lego's, electric motor, LED, steel frame

This work was made from a drawing I did over the summer of 2011. Traveling through the coast of island Hvar, Croatia, with my girlfriend in a little boat with registration numbers JL44. This is a boat  which I spent a lot of my childhood in.
In our „expeditions“ we collected a lot of interesting material from the sea; shells, stones, trees..
For a long time this fantasy was stuck in my mind; I am a captain of an exploration space ship.. wake up in the morning beside a large window in my captains quarters. Make myself a coffee from the replicator, sit down in my comfortable chair and just per into the darkness of space, wondering, what shall we explore today?
When we came back to Zagreb I decided to use all the found material and make the space ship as I drew it over the summer.
This work is the result.
The space ship that ( on an imaginary level.. but if we take into account that our thoughts have a tendency to manifest them selves..) can go anywhere and do anything.
It was one of the most fun works to build, and one of the most challenging. It is consists of 6 parts that come together.
In the cockpit my girlfriend and I are observing the observers of the work. 
What interests me is the position of an "active" observer. "One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality."
The work  was also inspired by my youthful maquette making, inventions and science fiction movies from the 80s. 
In the 80s almost all props were hand made. I was born in the 80 so this is also a kind of homage to the 80s and my childhood.
It could also be sad that i literally travel with this space ship, since when it travels to exhibitions I travel with it.

Fear and wonder

210 x 200 x 70 cm

wax, acrystal, found objects, LED

This work is about the paradox of fear and battle. 
In the society where i live in money has become the greatest fear. Also it is very hard to make a living as an artist. I started making toys as a possible means of making money, achieving financial Independence. Since I come form the field of sculpture, toys are interesting to me. For a long time I was thinking of making a product-sculpture that I could multiply and sell in large quantities.  Toys are one of the first social programs, conditioning(  Barby, Ken, cars..) we encounter as children and which shape our future needs. My intention is to filter my experience, my programed needs through work, to better understand them and transform them, and also to have fun.
I view this installation as a metaphorical prop setting for a movie we live in on some level.
The "big" sculpture  represents fear.I made it a few years ago and altered it ( evolved it) for this installation. While making it, I had the need to create something that sucks everything in ( like a turbine), consumes, something that is always hungry.. an archetypal sculptural metaphor for fear as I see it.
On the inside there are 1000 kuna bills ( not real) and a flashing red light at the end. On the opposite side of fear is an organic robot toy-prop with myself inside, smiling.The operating system for the robot is a pinecone.
I wanted to present a very banal narrative which is ( in the basis- plot structure, when it is derived to its essence) present in most popular movies, but with a twist and a different message. What i realised is that, by fighting- resistance of something, we actually give it more power, we become that what we fight with, so fighting fear is a paradoxical action, like the war on terror that produces terror.
So I conquer fear with a smile.

Nameless toy ( toy barnd) page-https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nameless-toy/168237766658877?ref=hl


mixed media

The work is a interactive gun that is connected to a computer and a projector.When a person "pulls the trigger" an animation is projected on the person that is standing in font of the gun. 
There are 17 animations that appear in random order. The themes of animations are love, destruction, funny, fame, success, fear..
The inspiration for the work came from movies, cartoons, video games, mass media...ideologies and programming that are "projected" on to us and that we project on each other.
The gun was made by "upgrading" a  wooden gun that i made as a child. Croatia was at war when i was a child so that also left an imprint which is expressed in a way through this work as well.