IUP USA exchange

In 2006. I went on an exchange student program for one semester  to the USA, Inidana University of Pennsylvania. I didn't want to set any fixed program of work before I came there. What I wanted was to experience and soak up the way of life there, and produce the work spontaneously from the process. I started by collecting objects on my journey. The first collected object  was a plastic spoon form the plane on the trip to USA.
All my materials were bought at the " Dollar tree".
The first work was a spoon spiral. I was interested in the representative meaning of the spoon as object. Cheap, disposable, black, tool for consumption. By "multiplying" the object- gluing them together in a logic that is derived from its shape, a structure with a new meaning is formed.

Spoon spiral

Spoon circle

The paradox

Holy cow ( golden spoon halo)